Wines served in comfortable surrounding free from pretention. Our motto is simplicity, and let the wines speak for themselves


Tooting, LDN

The Beginning


Founder / Niall Penlington 

henny’s wine bar & bottle shop is named after my grandfather, a man who appreciated a glass of good wine. After studying for a degree in wine and working in the industry for several years, I thought I’d have a go doing it my way, so here we go. henny’s is a self-funded project, free from pretension and founded with no shortage blood, sweat and credit cards. Located in Broadway Market, Tooting, we endeavour to only serve interesting wines, most of which being organic/biodynamic.


Next Chapter

Founded in 2017 as a micro wine bar, we have recently undergone an expansion to accommodate all the wine lovers of Tooting in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

We pride our selves on serving wines that that are off the beaten track, and a little different to what you may of had before…

Open from Wednesday to Saturday, wines can be enjoyed in the bar or to take away at retail price. 



Most of our wines are organic or biodynamic - we believe this gives the true expression of the place in which they originate and the personality of the grower. 

Organic /adjective/ orˈɡanɪk/

Farming methods produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

Biodynamic /noun/ bahy-oh-dahy-nam-ik/

The concept behind biodynamics is that everything in the universe is interconnected and gives off a resonance or ‘vibe’. The interconnectivity of everything even includes celestial bodies like the moon, planets and stars. Biodynamic viticulture is the practice of balancing this resonance between vine, man, earth and stars. Essentially, biodynamics is a holistic view of agriculture.